Role of engineers in making india a superpower

The economy is running near or above capacity, and the RBI has noted that production must rise at a pace sufficient to match overall GDP growth if further inflationary pressures are to be avoided. So, Indian engineers should work on finding new alternative sources of energy.

India as an emerging superpower

They would also be expected to review procedural compliance. Modifications may include new systems, system improvements, or replacement of obsolete or unreliable equipment.

How Indian Engineers Can Make India A Super Tech. Country?

Tools, Choices and Implications. It is true that Indian government functions with the motto of education to all. Trends in Urbanization and the Components of Urban Growth. They should educate kids in those areas as they are denied of education.

In an effort to reduce political tension and increase economic cooperation, in recent years, India has improved its relations with its neighbors. Hence, India's neighbors such as China and Pakistan remain distrustful towards India.

Software Engineers Making India a Superpower Essay

The average student graduating from such colleges will in all likelihood only be capable of routine and low-end work, and only a few highly-motivated and self-propelled students will come away with any substantial knowledge of their field.

Proceedings of the Earth Systems Engineering Workshop. Similar to these things, Indian engineers can do a lot of things with the help of their technical knowledge.

The reason is that they get employment in good positions for the education they have gained. Renewable Resources Journal 15 4: Ironically, these successes have unintentionally contributed to current problems by enabling population growth Roberts, Policy Framework and Implementation.

Education can alone make people self-reliant. And now, one can see the same trend in the IT sector. Shockingly, even universities at some state capitals such as Bangalore, Patna, Ranchi and Raipur have yet to come on-line. There is still a large disconnect between what is expected of young engineers in engineering firms, the magnitude of the problems in our global economy, ABET engineering criteria Criteria 3 and 4 for instanceand the limited skills and tools traditionally taught in engineering programs in U.

Children from relatively under-developed and neglected districts in Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP, Eastern MP, North Bengal or Western Orissa are not exposed to a childhood education system that can prepare them for such high-technology jobs.

Engineering for the Developing World

It is also occasionally burdened with instability issues within some localised-regions of the subcontinent. It is true that it is not possible to control inflation, but the huge price rise within just a year or two can be restricted.

So, it should be addressed in an effective manner.

Software Engineers Making India a Superpower

The EDC Program described in this paper provides a unique opportunity to promote engineering, a discipline that has traditionally been taken for granted by government agencies and political groups. It is true that they will contribute their share due to the technological developments that were introduced to them.

It is true that the present day engineering students are involved in many social activities. American companies are themselves preferring Indians over American due to its highly skilled resources. In addition to the system engineering disciplines noted above, engineers with specialty knowledge in civil and structural engineering may be used.Young generation now has a lot of responsibility in making India a Super Power.

Role of Engineers in Making India

We have done well in certain aspects; however, we need to go a very long way still. The growth in GDP, growth in Exports, employment opportunities, increase in literacy, reduction in poverty etc. itself cannot make India a Super Power.

Role of Engineers in Making India Essay INTRODUCTION A drought (or drouth [archaic]) is an extended period of months or years when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply.

Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. Search Results. Making India Knowledge Society Having maintained steady economic growth over the years, it is time to make India a knowledge society/hub.

The role of engineers will be critical in fulfilling those demands at various scales, ranging from remote small communities to large urban areas (megacities), mostly in. The day India has the largest number of Libraries and the day when the Book Publishing Industry in India gets bigger in size than that of USA is the day we can call ourselves Super power.

China with it's closed minds and closed governance model can't think nor innovate like USA. Mar 07,  · NEW DELHI, INDIA—On the shambolic streets of New Delhi a new power is rising. India remains poor, but enjoys rapid economic growth rates and now possesses the world's fourth largest economy.

If New Delhi politicians free their entrepreneurial people, India may join China as .

Role of engineers in making india a superpower
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