Xcelsius tips and tricks

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My guess is that you've already bought some books and learned some important tasks. If I make the wrong assumption, I end up with the wrong conclusion.

Using the Xcelsius 2008 Map Drill Down and Scenario Button

Abdulezer introduces Xcelsiusreviews its core concepts, and demonstrates the wide range of dashboards it can create. Object identification features minimize the use of complex correlations and make script more dynamic. It is now possible to use TruClient on IE-only web applications.

Conclusion Are gauges like the style I used in this post perfect? Today I might say this: This has the complete list of ActionScript runtime errors.

The percentage of 50 into 95 is exactly the same as into but the scale is different. SAP Business Objects is a company that specializes in providing products to facilitate people engaged in business intelligence departments. For online viewing the alert does a nice job of completing the gauge.

Clearly each gauge has strengths. With the release of Xcelsius we have moved to support for Flash 9. Hence 11 are used as a multiplication factor so that an integer in the upper decimals of 10 will be rounded to You'll learn how to quickly represent any data with charting components; use dials, gauges, and speedometers; incorporate multiple layers in your dashboards and visualizations; use Xcelsius to perform more useful analyses and manage more interactively; work with maps, demographics, and segmented data; create "smart data" and alerts; and much more.

You've probably already laid the foundation for that. How do you get a handle on this enormous pack of programs? Simple Gauge This is about as basic as a gauge can get. After you know what's possible, you'll go deep inside Xcelsius, gaining hands-on experience with every feature you need to master.

Xcelsius provides that option as well, resulting in this as my final gauge. Some newer hybrid cars are using more digital dashboards, but most of the cars on the roads today — even newer cars — have analog gauges.

In Flash 9, they hav e tightened up security a bit more.

Visualization Data

I am going to break the gauge down into components and show how they all work together. Complex client side events like Mouse over, slider bars, calendar items, dynamic lists, etc.

Some end users may spend only 2 secs before navigating to the next page, while many others may think for more time. You'll learn how to work with data that isn't rock-solid--and even how to create your own custom components that go beyond Xcelsius's built-in features.

Abdulezer offers tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else.

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Some features have also been added to TruClient Firefox. Whether you're a business intelligence or database professional, power user, developer, or consultant, this book will help you create superior Xcelsius dashboards--and make better decisions.

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Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

Here, you will get a ton of advanced Xcelsius tips and techniques – such as: • Learn how to enhance your data models with advanced Excel functions • Learn powerful dashboard design and charting techniques • Learn tricks that will help to optimize the performance of your Xcelsius dashboards.

Join the Xcelsius gurus, Mike Alexander (Author, Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies) and Loren Abdulezer(Author, Xcelsius Best Practices) for a 2-day Xcelsius advanced workshop September in Dallas, TX!This workshop sold out in March so make sure you get in early.

Here, you will get a ton of advanced Xcelsius tips and techniques - such as. Nov 19,  · HP Ajax TruClient – Overview with Tips and Tricks Overview.

Tips and Tricks. NTLM authentication - Do you know – Xcelsius dashboards can be built using SharePoint data? Figure 1: Xcelsius dashboard built using SharePoint data P Business Objects Administration – .

Xcelsius tips and tricks
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